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Enlightening Environment

Bioops is a widely known Manufacturer of Industrial Microorganisms. The chief job of the company is to identify, source, characterize, optimize and produce several beneficial microorganisms that are useful in Agricultural Soil Treatment, Aquatic Animal Pond Water and Soil Treatment, Biopesticides, Bio-Agri inputs, Biomedicals, Composting of agri residues like Coir Peat, Cooling tower algal control, Domestic and Municipal Solid and Liquid Waste Management, Industrial Effluent Treatment, Healthcare of Animals and Humans, In situ remediation of Oil spills etc., Nutrition of Plants, Animals and Humans, and Swimming Pool & Spa water Treatment.

The company is concentrating on bio solutions in the domains of healthcare and nutrition. The species on which the company is focusing its attention are human beings, poultry, cattle, pet animals, sheep, horses, goats, pigs, laboratory animals, fish, aquarium fish and crabs. Our product range includes Insect Killing Microorganisms, Solid Waste Management Microorganisms, Public Toilet Deodorants, Septic Tank Additives, Calcium Peroxide and Saccharomyces Boulardii Powder.